Exclusive European Wine Tours is a universe of travels for grape happy enthusiasts. The experiences are always at the centre and we always toast one time more than what is truly necessary.

With our big knowledge of wine we cannot help but tell an anecdote or two about the wine.

As our name suggests Exclusive European Wine Tours specialises in wine travels and trips. Our wine travels go to destinations in France, but also to Spain, Italy and Sicily.  You can for example experience the rough nature in the spring time and visit the small amazing vineyards with delicious food.

Many wine tourists often overlook the details when they are heading south but on our trips there is always an experienced guide with a detailed knowledge of the region, the vineyards and all of the exciting experiences.

Mikael Torlyk is the creator of Exclusive European Wine Tours. He is a man in his forties with a great knowledge of and fondness for wine. Through many years he has had a passion for the world of wine and has worked as a waiter in some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen.

He has also sold wine in several stores in Copenhagen and area. He therefore has many really interesting contacts on vineyards in Europe.