Why not spoil friends, employees or customers with an extraordinary wine and gourmet experience? 
Exclusive European Wine Tours has specialized in arranging unique wine travels with experiences and authentic details in focus.

The arrangements are centered on wine travels primarily to France, to the areas of Champagne and Burgundy, but also Italy and Sicily are possible destinations.  

Our travels take all aspect of the travel into account, so the entire trip will feel like a little universe of grapes all on its own.  

You can, for example, try a red wine from Burgundy at a tasting and then travel with us to the vineyard where it is made. The travels are short and intense. In Burgundy, we among other things eat at a Michelin restaurant. Gourmet experiences and quality are always important for us.

Authentic wine travels

Our wine travels and wine trips are always centered on experiences and authenticity. We will learn everything there is to know about the local vineyards, become a part of the grape production and listen to the vintner’s anecdotes about the region.

Good wine and food often go hand in hand. Therefore gourmet experiences and visits to colorful, interesting restaurants are also a part of the trips.

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